Friday, July 20, 2012

I have finally done it!  My house is Nate Berkus approved, with a beautiful color palette and plenty of DIY successes (that do not look DIY.)  I have become a crafting goddess from which projects almost apparate after seeing them on Pinterest.  I have compiled two weeks worth of easy weekday recipes, complete with a shopping list.  With much research, I have managed to save my family hundreds of dollars a month using coupons and the latest deals.  My baby is sleeping through the night, eating like a champ, and NEVER seems to need my undivided attention during Sunday night TV programming.  My dogs are well trained and so is my husband. 

And then I wake up! 

I'm sure by now you have already figured that out.  I desperately aspire to be the person described above, dining room included (now THAT "apparated" from Pinterest.) Please continue to follow my blog as I make every effort to renovate my home through DIY projects, share the occasional meal, and attempt crafting (my friends can stop laughing now.)  I will also share anything that inspires, motivates, and saves me a penny or two.  Who knows...maybe you could share too.  By the way,  I hope to post a similar picture of my actual dining room soon...Bella vita!

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